Ribbon Has People Tied Up in Knots!

Ribbon: The Art of Adornment by Nicholas Kniel and Timothy Wright is garnering rave reviews from across the country.

Las Vegas Review Journal, Nov. 13, 2008: "The book has terrific ideas for decorating oneself and one’s environment with ribbons, in all their variety — including directions for making those gorgeous ribbon roses. It’s a pleasure to turn the pages and peruse the photos. Beauty is food for the soul, and this book contributes to the cause."

Bridal Guide.com blog by Executive Editor Susan Schneider, Oct. 8, 2008: "This tome is a treasure for any bride-to-be’s coffee table (just watch your friends pick it up and leaf through it, ooh and aahing!). In the wedding section you’ll find out how to use ribbons, or love knots, to heighten the beauty of your bouquet or to add a satiny sheen to your invitations. Ribbons are the “extras,” the type of detail that makes a typically pretty table setting look really special. Also note that ribbons can be gotten quite inexpensively at your crafts store, and if you or your friends puts your heads and hands together, you can probably come up with some very sweet and unique ideas for your look. Take a look at these ideas and let yourself dream!"

Country Living December 2008 issue: featured as an Editor's Pick.

Congrats, Tim and Nick!

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