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Joy in the form of a book

There are some books that capture my attention and don’t let go. I become obsessed, proclaiming my love for this book to all of humanity. Sometimes people don’t listen, and they are the worse for it.

So hear me now: there is a book I’ve fallen head over tailbands for, and my love is unquenchable. The diminutive size of this book says nothing about the pages contained within the covers. Each word, each line, is wonderful, but there is more to it than that. This book speaks to me and asks me to respond.

Today, the advance copies of this book arrived, and I could not contain my excitement. Neither could the author, who screamed, then cried, then did a little happy dance. That excitement is completely justified, as the book is absolutely adorable. I love this book.

In the months I’ve worked on it, my fingers have been itching to get a finished copy. I want to hark back to the days of my youth, remembering my childhood dreams of becoming a princess or a movie star or a singer. So you can probably guess what I’ll be doing tonight: I’ll be taking my crayons and bringing life those dreams.

Some may say this book is for children. Bah! I say. There is some part of me that will always be a child, that will always need to color in my hopes and desires. It is to those of you with similar inclinations that I speak. Let out the inner child! Let your own child be a child! Work together in a frenzy of doodling!

Join me, compatriots, and get your doodle on!

Pocketdoodles for Girls by Anita Wood will hit store shelves in March 2010. Reserve your copy today.

-Michelle Witte, Editor

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