"Small Parties" Booksigning in Omaha

This past weekend, in Omaha, Nebraska, I was fortunate to have 2 booksignings on the Saturday before Mother's Day.

The first was held in the early afternoon at The Bookworm, an independent bookseller, a charming little shop in a busy strip mall, and even though the day was stormy and wet, the customers were plentiful. They sampled my white chocolate dipped strawberries and lemon mascarpone cheesecake bars from my latest book, "Small Parties", released in January 2008.
The second was held later in the evening at the home of Missy Longo, hostess extraordinaire.
She had invited about 40 of her friends, family and neighbors to a sampling and signing at her lovely home. Her dining room table was laden with goodies from "Small Parties", including
hummus, blueberry lemon picnic cake, lemon mascarpone cheesecake bars, olive stuffed puff pastry, grilled shrimp and corn salsa, and deconstructed caprese salad, which I demonstrated to the ladies present. It was a successful signing, with Missy's retro designed aprons given to each person who purchased 2 or more of my books. My second book, "Small Plates" was also offered for sale.

Omaha is a very friendly a mid-western city, with much to offer in the way of great food shopping. Whole Foods is a staple in the western end of town, and their Costco is superb!
Even veal scalloppine is available in their abundant meat section, and their wines and spirits
section is much envied by those who don't have such a luxury in our Costco stores.

It was a wonderfully fulfilling weekend, with many books sold, many recipes shared and many days spent with family members and new friends who are supportive of my cookbook endeavors. Thanks, Omaha!

Marguerite Marceau Henderson

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