Game of the Week! from The Pocket Guide to Games

Turn your kids loose on July 4 with this fun game...or better yet, join them in playing!

Blind Bell
5+ players
Suitable for indoors, playground, gymnasium

All players but one are blindfolded and scatter about. The one who is not blindfolded carries a bell (or other sound making device) loosely in one hand, so that it will ring with every step. If desired, the bell may be hung around the neck. The blindfolded players try to tag (touch) the one with the bell, who will have to be on the lookout to keep out of their way. Whoever catches the bellman changes places with him.

Blindfolded players are encouraged not to run pell-mell, so as to avoid disaster!

If there are more than 20 players, there can be two or more bellmen.

Have a ringin' July 4th!

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