Christmas Love plagiarized by popular religion author

Author Candy Chand's story and the Gibbs Smith title Christmas Love was recently plagiarized by the popular religion writer Neale Donald Walsch on BeliefNet.com, a popular religious community on the Internet.

The New York Times and The Associated Press picked up the story and there are now more than 1,000 mentions of the incident and reruns of the article on the Internet and in newspapers around the globe.

Candy Chand wanted to set the record straight that she is the true author of the popular, heartwarming Christmas story, Christmas Love, sometimes referred to as "The W in Christmas" on the Internet.

Neale Donald Walsch has sinced apologized for copying Chand's story on his BeliefNet.com blog and The New York Times ran an updated report on Jan. 11. Walsch has since been removed from the BeliefNet blog lineup.

Watch this spoof about the incident on Colbert Report that aired on Thursday, Jan. 8.

To Order Christmas Love by Candy Chand, it is now available as a gift book on Amazon and other online stores, as well as the Gibbs Smith Web site:

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