Presenting Jane Austen

One of the titles for Spring '09 that I'm personally most excited about is Remarkably Jane by Jennifer Adams. What a great little book to sit alongside classics like Pride and Prejudice and Emma!
This book is full of delightful quotes from authors, actors, directors, contemporaries and more all speaking out about one of literature's best-loved novelists. However, not everone is a Jane Austen fan and, in fact, some have been quite critical of her work, but we'll save those criticisms for another day.
Here is a sampling of the positive praise:

"I'm most interested in human behavior, which is probably why I'm such a
pushover for Jane Austen."
-- Emma Thompson, 2006, screenwriter and actress portraying Elinor in the 1995 film version of Sense and Sensibility

"I think, the fact that we have fallen in love with Elizabeth Bennet ... means, in effect, that we have fallen in love with Jane Austen; and once we do that we are her lovers for life."
-- Frank Swinnerton, 1940, literary critic and novelist

"All I want to be is the Jane Austen of south Alabama."
-- Harper Lee, 1964, novelist, winner of the Pulitzer Prize


Jennifer Grillone said...

Which Jane Austen heroine are you?

Take this fun quiz at

Are you Lizzie, Emma, Anne, or someone else?

Melissa said...

This is such a cute, fun book! The perfect gift for any Jane Austen lover, or even liker!