Back for another taste

Eat at your own risk
An excerpt from What We Eat When We Eat Alone
by Deborah Madison with illustrations by
Patrick McFarlin
(Gibbs Smith, $24.99, HC, ISBN: 1-4236-0496-9, May 2009)

* Mustard Sandwich with Reworked Coffee: “Use Yellow Heinz Mustard. Slather the mustard on a flour tortilla and eat accompanied with reworked coffee, which means, add a few new grounds to the top of a paper filter of morning coffee and pour in boiling water.”
*Potato-Sesame Bread with Tequila Mix: “Toss an old loaf of potato-sesame bread on a wood-burning stove. Tear into hunks and eat with tequila mix right out of the plastic bottle.”
*Organic Goo Goo: “Get Green Giant small whole peas and one package of any Green Giant rice mixture – Asian, Mexican, and so forth. Make a small cut in the top to prevent an explosion, and microwave them in their own microwavable pouches. During the 6 or so minutes they’re cooking, look in the spice closet and find some less-than-a-year-old spice, a young spice. Any spice will do. Cut open the hot pouches with a knife and pour on a plate with the rice on the bottom, the peas on top. Sprinkle with spice. This fits right into the Asian diet pyramid. It’s a good dish if you don’t have a maid or a dishwasher, since it uses only a fork, a knife, and a plate.”
*Leftover Spaghetti Sandwich: “I rewarm the garlic bread in the toaster and the tomato sauce and the pasta in a pan, then make a sandwich adding whatever soggy salad kind of thing I have left over, usually tomato, onion, and translucent lettuce.”

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