Dinner Co-ops soothe stress during tough economic times

Co-author of Dinner at Your Door, Alex Davis, explains how starting a dinner co-op can soothe stress during an economic downswing

Living it up in tough times

"Since food is typically one of the largest expenses in a household, conventional wisdom tells us we should all be huddled in the kitchen eating PB and J’s for dinner while we glumly sip our water. But we in dinner co-ops are quietly thumbing our noses at the financial meltdown. At least when it comes to dinner.

"When we launched our dinner co-ops, we gave up takeout during the week, along with hurried, unsatisfying restaurant meals that never seem worth the money. We also stopped buying those lame supermarket ingredients you keep around for when you have no better idea. We transferred these funds into a virtual purse we can spend at the gourmet store, farmers market, butcher and baker on a single menu for the week. When you focus most of your weekly shopping on a single exciting menu—shopping is quicker, easier, and a lot more fun. Last week I found myself buying wild mushrooms and phyllo dough, ripe peaches to grill with basil—and for the first time, TRUFFLE OIL. Sound expensive? It was a fraction of what we would’ve paid to eat out. Don’t let Wall Street get you down. Get together with your favorite cooks and let the good times roll." - Alex Davis, co-author of Dinner at Your Door.

Consider creating your own dinner co-op with Dinner at Your Door, by Alex Davis, Diana Ellis and Andy Remeis.
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