Children's Book Week

Kids and parents alike have been raving about our new book Origami Toys That Tumble, Fly, and Spin. This is not your grandma’s origami! For example, have you ever built an Origami Catapult? You can set this up in a battle with your favorite army soldiers or Star Wars characters, or if you don’t have those lying around, simply take aim at some empty soda cans! (To order a copy of the book, click the cover image.)

~from editor Jared Smith

Origami Catapult!

First, get an 8-inch square of thick, strong paper.

Next, fold the paper in half down the middle. Unfold.

Now fold the edges to the center line. Unfold.

Fold in the bottom corners.

Now refold the creases you made in the paper.

Fold down the top edge of the paper just a little bit.

Turn your paper over.

Fold the bottom edge of the paper across so that it lies flat on the right-hand edge. Unfold.

Similarly, fold the bottom edge of the paper against the left-hand edge. Unfold.

Turn your paper over.

Now fold dot to dot, as shown.

Hold the model as shown. Gently bring your hands together, allowing the paper to fold in half and the V edge near the bottom to swing downward . . .

. . . like this. Open out the top edge until it is almost flat.

On the top layer only, make two valley (outward) folds in the shape of an upturned V . . .

. . . like this. This will open a white pocket in the paper.

Finally, crumple up a tight ball of paper and put it in the white pocket. To make the Catapult work, hold tightly as shown. Swing your hands quickly and the ball will launch into the air!

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