Children's Book Week

Introducing Miss Annie McRae!
Hold onto your hats, 'cause there's a new cowgirl in town
whose pistols are packed with positive attitude!

Eight-year old Annie McRae is irresistible -- with her toothless grin, turquoise blue cowboy boots, and her upbeat twist on life, she spends most days surrounded by cheers of "hip, hip, hooray for Annie McRae!" from Mom, Dad, Mr. Garcia, and Grandma C.
But what happnes when the grownups are too busy to cheer? Don't you worry -- Annie pulls herself up by the bootstraps and realizes that the best "hip, hip, hoorays" come from herself and caring for others. This cheerful tale is sure to land you sunny-side up!

Hip, Hip, Hooray for Annie McRae! is written by Brad Wilcox and illustrated by Julie Olson. To order a copy of this great book, click on the cover image.

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