King-Sized Anti-Bullying Advice for Boys

Cyber-bullying is running rampant throughout the country, some resulting in serious injuries and even horrible deaths. Bullying does not have to happen!

Bart King, best-selling author of The Big Book of Boy Stuff offers some fun, yet wise advice about bullying, how to avoid it, how to overcome it, and what to do when you're in a sticky situation.

Advice for Boys!

When I was a kid, everyone was always trying to convince me that bullies were actually cowards. If you just stood up to the bullies, they would chicken out and leave you alone. What a bunch of baloney.

Bullies CAN be cowards, but don’t bet on it. They can also be over-confident jerks with an itchin’ to pop you a good one upside your head.

Because every bully is a little different from the last one, you can’t deal with them all the same. Some bullies just want you to avoid them. If you do avoid them, life is good. Other bullies will notice that you are trying to avoid them, and this makes them look for you.

So what should you do? Use your head and use your feet. Use your head to keep away from bullies. It is useful to “tell on” some bullies. Once they get in trouble with an adult and/or their parents, they know that you will stick up for yourself, and they leave you alone.

The more hardcore the bully is, the less this strategy works. Decide how tough your bully is before turning them in. Use your head.

Don’t put yourself in situations where you are by yourself or in areas where there is nowhere to escape to. What if it comes down to a fight? It’s you and the bully! Use your head.

Is this kid your age or size? Do you think a fight will solve the problem? Are you ready to stick up for yourself? If it doesn’t look like fighting is a good idea, don’t wait around to get pummeled. Use your feet.

This is a martial art called nogethitsu. Your best weapons in a fight are your feet. Not to use for kung fu kicks! Use your feet to run away.

Let’s say someone sees you running fast: By the way, everyone asks themselves this question when bothered by a bully: “Why me?”

Remember, although bullies may not always be cowards, they are almost always jerks with personal problems. If it wasn’t you, they would be bothering someone else. Try to think of it that way; you are providing a valuable service to society by keeping your bully off of someone else’s case! Just don’t take it personally.

And by the way, experts agree that if you can remove a bully’s lungs, he will be less likely to bother you.

Follow-Up Activity: Make friends with the toughest girl at your school. If a bully ever messes with you, politely ask the girl to pull out the bully’s lungs. When she is done, keep the lungs in your locker as a souvenir.

~Bart King
*Tomorrow: Bart gives advice to the girls*

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