Chinglish - Found in Translation - in light of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games


Found in Translation

Oliver Lutz Radtke's book, Chinglish - Found in Translation, puts the English language in China in a humourous and endearing light.

"Chinglish exists because people travel and their language travels with them. Chinglish also exists because of China's opening to the world, the tourism industry, state propoganda mechanisms and the Internet. In preparation for the 2008 Olympic Games, Beijing is gearing up an immense amount of manpower to eradicate Chinglish from the capital, and the Chinese government plans to extend this linguistic cleansing to the rest of the country, as well. My aim is to show the nowadays endangered species of Chinglish in its natural habitat." - Oliver Lutz Radtke

See these images of fun uses of Chinglish in China and others in Radtke's book.

Oliver Lutz Radtke works as a television news producer in Singapore.

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