Game of the Week! from The Pocket Guide to Games

Starting this week, we'll be posting a new game from Bart King's The Pocket Guide to Games on this site every Wednesday. To start your summer off right, try the Japanese Crab Race!

Japanese Crab Race

2-plus players


Until you try this, it’s impossible to realize how badly you’ll lose your sense of direction.

If there are just a few players for this game, it may be played as a simple race, without the relay described below.

The players line up behind a starting line in single files, each containing the same number of players. Opposite each file, at a distance of 20-40 feet, is a goal of some kind. (It can be a cone, line, circle, etc.) The game consists in a backwards race run on “all fours.”

To start, the first player in each file gets in position, with his heels on the starting line and his back to the goal for which he is to run. All start together at a signal. The player who first reaches his goal scores one point for his team. Others follow in turn.

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