Game of the Week: From The Pocket Guide to Games

For our next installment of Game of the Week, let's move it indoors. Have you ever played Find The Ring? Here's how!

Find The Ring

5+ players
Can be played anywhere

The players sit in a circle, holding in their hands a long string which has been tied to form a circle large enough to go around to all. A small ring is put on the string before it is tied.

One player is chosen to stand in the center. The players who are seated then pass the ring from one to another, the object being for the player in the center to figure out who has the ring. The other players will try to deceive the center player by making passes to indicate the passage iof the ring when it is not really in their possession. When the player in the center thinks she knows who has the ring, she calls out the name of the player. If she's correct, the center player sits down and the player with the ring takes her place in the center.

One ring to rule them all,
See if you can find it.
We bought this ring at the mall,
But don't ask us to admit it!

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